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Birth Preparation for Survivors of Sexual Trauma

A photo of a pregnant person with their hands on their belly

One to one Support

With over ten years professional experience working with families in the perinatal (conception up to 2 years post birth) period around physical and emotional wellbeing, I know just how transformative it can be to have experienced, non judgemental and nurturing support whilst you contemplate having a baby.

As a qualified therapist and perinatal yoga teacher, I understand the landscape of birth and how it can present specific challenges to survivors. In my previous role as a doula I attended many different types of birth, from Caesarian birth, to inductions, births within the Rosie Delivery unit, the Midwifery suite and home births.

What are these sessions for?

These birth preparation sessions are an ‘add on’ to your usual birth prep or antenatal sessions. They are not a full antenatal course, but a therapeutic space for you to explore how you can approach birth in a way that feels empowering and recognises your individual needs.

They are also not designed to be therapy, and whilst there is space to acknowledge previous events if you want to, we do not spend much time talking about the past.
Instead, we identify and explore strategies to weave into your birth planning and decisions around birth that will mitigate potential triggers and help you to step into your birth feeling more in control.

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How might these sessions be helpful?

There are many reasons that survivors might want some extra support at this time. These are very individual to each survivor, which is why one to one support can be so valuable. Some of these reasons may include:

  • being able to acknowledge and speak out loud your specific circumstances in the context of birth planning, to help reduce holding feelings of secrets and shame

  • debriefing from past pregnancy/birth/postnatal experiences- See my Birth Trauma Page

  • working through feelings of fear or anxiety around birth influenced by past abuse

  • having a chance to talk about life after birth, bonding with your baby and moving into motherhood/parenting. Monthly mother’s mentoring also available

  • feeling alone or different to other mothers preparing for birth

  • feeling aware that there may be potential triggers in birth that you would like to manage

  • feeling uncertain of how your experience as a survivor might influence your birth experience

  • wanting to be taken seriously and to feel understood

  • wanting to embody a sense of power, autonomy and control in your birth planning

  • wanting to talk through what different birth scenarios might be like for you to help you make informed decisions.


Sessions are 50mins long. Most people choose to have between 3-6 sessions.

Household annual income £30,000- £50,000
£60 per session
Household annual income £50,000 – £90,000
£70 per session
Household annual income above £90,000
£80 per session

Sessions can be online and I can sometimes offer face to face sessions in central Cambridge.

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